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Thanks to generous support and inspired leadership, Brown today is one of the most dynamic universities in the country. Increased resources for academic programs have led to pioneering research among our faculty. Expanded financial aid has led to record-breaking selectivity and diversity in our student body. The impact that your giving has made on Brown's students, faculty, and facilities is evident in stories like these:

Dan Mittleman Joins Brown Faculty

Daniel Mittleman’s research area – somewhere between the infrared and the microwave frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum – could greatly increase the capacity of wireless communications systems.

Breaking Down Silos

Helen Bergstrom ‘15 came to Brown with a distinct goal: to become a multi-faceted engineer who isn’t hemmed in by the confines of a narrow discipline.

Chipping Away at Energy Efficiency

In his Scalable Computing Systems Laboratory, Assistant Professor of Engineering Sherief Reda is investigating ways to make supercomputers more energy efficient without sacrificing performance.